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Did you eat yet?

No, did you?

No, want to?

What are we waiting for!!!!


The Highland Lakes has everything that you could be craving...



From Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Seafood...whatever you want, we have it!



Let your nose be your guide and it will lead you to some fabulous places to eat!


Here are just a few places that might entise you....


Ginger and Spice, Thai Niyom, Russo's, Noon Spoon, Chili's, River City Grille, China Kitchen, Francesco's, The Real New Orleans Style Restaurant, and of course the world famous Blue Bonnet Cafe...the list goes on and on....




If you like Mexican Food, try the fantastic Julie's Cocina on your drive to Horseshoe Bay, only minutes from Marble Falls.

Bring your appetite...you won't be dissapointed!